We Still Have Us

Barn and silos with full moon and We Still Have Us text

Coming of Age in an Age of Unrest

2011—three years after the financial crash. Homeless camps dot the countryside. In Manhattan, anger spills into the streets.

It’s not only the economy that’s wrecked—Ginger’s family is, too, and she blames herself. Her brother is in a wheelchair because of her, and his medical bills have bankrupted her parents. Gone are the Manhattan townhouse, the purebred horses, and the love of her family. Now marooned upstate in an unheated cottage, with no food, electricity, or hope, Ginger burns to recover her old life.

My current work in progress, We Still Have Us, tells the story of a seventeen-year-old girl in upstate New York who’s caught between poverty and privilege, dreams and duty, past and future. You can read more about it here. And for writerly updates, news, and commentary–and a free short story!–subscribe below to my newsletter.

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